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Bay Of The Bones

3D Virtual Reconstruction of the Bronze Age site Bay of the Bones - Ploča Mičov Grad, Ohrid, Macedonia.
The pile-dwellings as a specific micro-environmental human habitués type are especially characteristic for the prehistoric period, beginning in the time of the Neolithic -- New Stone Age, the Eneolithic -- Copper Age, the Bronze and the Iron Ages.
The first underwater archaeological excavations in Macedonia were performed during 1997 at the site Ploča Mićov Grad in the Bay of the Bones located along the south coast of Gradište Peninsula, near the village of Peštani.
At a depth ranging from 3.00 to 5.00 meters, numerous wooden piles attached to the lake bed were discovered, as well as an abundant portable archaeological material chronologically dating from the end of the Bronze and the beginning of the Iron Age i.e. between 1200 BC to 700 BC.

Published by: Ministry of Culture - Cultural Heritage Protection Office of Republic of Macedonia

• Project supervisor and Expert associate: Pasko Kuzman
• Project manager: Martin Nikleski
• Project Assistant and Expert associate: Orhideja Zorova
• 3D models and Development: Antonijo Rop
• Video: Martin Nikleski; Ilija Ivanovski; Music: Raymond Wong

Special thanks to: Muzej na Voda -- Zaliv na koskite, Ohrid; Davča Spasova; Ilija Ivanovski; Marko Nedelkovski; Marija Damjanovska; d-r Vladimir Hari Krstevski.

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